9 Tips To Sell Your House Faster


Owning a house is a dream for many, and is considered a landmark event in people’s lives. But at the far end of the spectrum are those who want to sell their house, and that process can be just as arduous as buying one! Whether moving to another city, shifting to a different house or because of a personal emergency, there can be several reasons for putting your house on sale. Here are some helpful tips to help you sell your house the smart way!

1. Let the light in

Remember when you were looking at houses for yourself, and natural light, cross ventilation, and airy rooms were critical features? These are some of the important things that buyers will always look for , and if you can highlight these features in your own house, it will be a worthwhile effort. Pointers like taking down the dark coloured drapes and hanging light/pastel coloured curtains, cutting down any shrubs blocking natural light from windows, and painting the walls in light colours can be useful to give the rooms an appearance of brightness and vibrancy.

2. Clean up after your furry friends

You love your pets. We all do! However, not every prospective buyer is an animal lover. Therefore, walking into a house that smells of animals, has fur on the furniture, or has a constant scent of cat litter in the air will get you crooked noses, not help you score brownie points. So, do not let the love for your pets overpower the need to sell your house quickly, and efficiently.

3. Small tricks, big rewards

You need to make your house look appealing to an interested party. However, you don’t need to spend a bomb on renovations and end up selling the house at a loss, never recovering the cost of all the expenditure. Small, inexpensive tricks can go a long way to spruce up your house – give a fresh coat of paint to the walls, varnish for the furniture, and so on.

4. Play up the location

Location of the house is of crucial importance in realty. While tranquility and solitude are the advantages of a remote cottage in the foothills, a house in the heart of the city has the benefits of access and prime location. Emphasise all the advantages of your house’s location to sell it faster.

5. First impressions

The interiors of your house may be nothing short of a dream, but if the exteriors give it the appearance of being dilapidated, then the ‘deal’ will never happen. Dark walls, and an untidy garden with weeds are not the lovely sights homeowners yearn for. Give equal attention to the outside appearance of your house as much as the indoor aesthetics, so that anybody even remotely interested in seeing or buying your house walks in already impressed.

6. The kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important feature of your house. Remember the time when you got the kitchen customised with cabinets, drawers, racks, etc., for better storage and other conveniences? Talk about these strengths and how they can make the lives of potential buyers easy. A clean, fully-functional kitchen is every buyer’s dream.

7. Price estimation

We all love a good bargain. Before putting your house up for sale, do thorough research. Always quote 10% to 20% more than the market price of your house. Bargaining and negotiations will always bring it down to what your house truly deserves, ensuring that you don’t incur any losses. At the same time, do not overcharge so much that potential buyers are turned off by the price. This will hasten the sale of your house.

8. Don’t get personal!

Your house is full of personal souvenirs, knick-knacks, photographs, and all that means so much to you and your family. However, for a potential buyer, it is difficult to imagine their future in a house you seem to attached to. These are not guests who will like seeing glimpses of your personal lives, but people who need to look at the house from a critical, practical viewpoint. So, keep your deeply personal belongings to a minimal, and let the house and its solid features hold centre stage.

9. Cleanliness

All well-thought strategies will fail if your house is untidy. Cobwebs behind sofas, a pile of unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink, disorganised closets, and dirty washrooms are completely unacceptable. A thorough cleaning is a must! Moreover, always keep your house organised, for a potential buyer may walk in anytime for a look.
In a nutshell, selling your home does require a bit of effort. Taking the time to spruce up the place, removing personal belongings and quoting an accurate price will eliminate the time and effort needed to get you closer to a sale!
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  1. Great blog with a useful tips to sell home fast. I agree with all these tips and I thinks must read for individuals who are planning to sell their homes.Thanks for sharing the post!!

  2. Great blog with a useful tips to sell home fast. I agree with all these tips and I thinks must read for individuals who are planning to sell their homes.Thanks for sharing the post!!
    Sell my house fast Baltimore